Norm Johnson

Born and raised in Southern California, I was fortunate enough to spend four years at UCLA before playing 18 years in the National Football League. I was able to realize a child hood dream and play in the Super Bowl. My 18 years in the NFL have taught me many valuable lessons. The value of being on the right team and having an effective game plan are two of them. It is impossible to succeed at a high level in business without a proven game plan and the right team players to maximize results.

After retiring from professional football, I turned my passions into a thriving Real Estate empire. I began my Real Estate career as most do by getting my real estate license. I did very well for a number of years until the Real Estate bubble burst and the markets tanked. I stayed on the sidelines for a few years while I built a new team of Real Estate professionals to profit from the current Real Estate markets. I’m now back into real estate full force but with an entirely new angle of maximizing profit potential. I’ve Joint Ventured with the largest real Estate Investment Company in the U.S. and I’m spearheading the expansion of their national footprint across the country.

I’m currently putting together a Super Bowl winning team to dominate the current Real Estate markets. I’m doing some talent scouting for some key team players to add to my team. If you are a real estate investor, have a real estate background or have always wanted to be involved in real estate but just didn’t have the right vehicle, Contact Me to arrange a personal interview directly with me. I would like to lay out the profit potential of my Real Estate Game Plan.